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jeliza's Journal

my patronus is a basilisk
22 January
I hate writing bios.

I am a wedding/photo book designer, portrait photographer, retoucher, giclee printer, photoshop diva and tutor, photoillustration/mixed-media artist & fine art photographer and a work-from-home mom to two fabulous kids, who I co-parent with my two fabulous partners (yes, I have a matched set. Yes, I've heard the Heinlein Hero jokes before.)

My "public" art blog (pixels, light and hot wax) is cross-posted here, so my family & friends can read everything in one place, and everyone else doesn't have to hear my nattering about random whiny stuff.

These days you can frequently find me mucking about on twitter (jelizap); I still *read* livejournal regularly but have never been one to post much.

On the whole lj "friends" thing -- I think this feature is horribly misnamed. I add people that I feel like reading, for whatever reason. I do not check to see if people have "friended" me. If you want me to friend you, drop me a line. I do random interest searches to find new people to read when I have extra time, which inevitably leads to having to trim a bit during crunch time. It's not personal.

Emergency contact information in private first entry.

Master kpop international streaming post (previously on omonatheydidnt, but updated significantly since then) is here: http://jeliza.livejournal.com/737655.html

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