catchy, yet dark

I'm sitting with Dan as he does an assignment on WW1 weaponry which means Zevon's Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner is stuck in my head.

For the complete cynical bastard commentary experience, I recommend following this up with Lawyers, Gus and Money and The Envoy.

Talking about the development and significance of machine guns and poison gases just makes me despair for humanity.

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small stabby things

Today was the intro to radiation appointment - so no actual radiation, but CT scans and breathing exercises and now I have 4 dots tattoed on me for calibration. I did not do that well with the kind of pain involved on the tattoo-ing front, which makes the tat I've been waiting to do for 15 years even less likely. And one is dead center in my cleavage like a black freckle.

Expected side effects are skin damage (like a sun burn) and .. wait for it ... Fatigue!  Ugh. I guess I should try to get as much as possible done in the 2 weeks before treatment actually starts. This entry was originally posted at https://jeliza.dreamwidth.org/1104451.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

progress and regress

The nausea and fatigue is definitely lessening (I actually cleaned yesterday! Woo!) and radiation, which starts soon, doesn't usually have that side effect.

On the other hand, covid infections in New Mexico have had a sudden massive spike, and since we don't yet know how long immunity lasts, R is definitely not coming home for Christmas, which sucks. This entry was originally posted at https://jeliza.dreamwidth.org/1104266.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

so many naps

Still massively fatigued, and the nausea meds I didn't need through even the "hardcore" initial treatment are suddenly in play.  I guess the side effects have decided to really revel in the accumulation.

I keep being mad at myself for not getting things like cleaning or cooking done, and then I attempt to stand up for more than 10 minutes and need to lie down for an hour to recover.

For entertainment, [personal profile] javagoth and I have started simul-watching the new season of Bake-Off, which greatly improves the experience. I'm not loving the new host, but maybe he'll settle into things as it goes on.

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(no subject)

I took a massive post-chemo nap, ate ridiculous amounts of dessert, and since I was really enjoying my reading decided "hey, it's Friday night, staying up until 2 reading is no biggie"

If you a reading this the day of posting, or noticed the timestamp you can probably predict just how wrecked I was when the alarm to get the kids up to school went off. This entry was originally posted at https://jeliza.dreamwidth.org/1103618.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


I really don’t understand the mechanism by which chemo side effects kick in; I have had a massive spike in fatigue but at the same time the digestive stuff has died down and I think my hair is starting to grow back.

R is on day 5+ of an over 100 degree fever, but is improving and we were able to video chat today. She’s had to drop out for this quarter, though, which is a major bummer.

 I am currently adding RBG’s passing to the things I can’t think too much about.
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Drove myself to the hospital today for a non-chemo doctor visit, which is my first substantial alone and uninterruptible time in freaking forever.  My bloodwork is good enough to clear me for the last cycle of chemo (three weeks) and then if the bloodwork continues to be good, probably a month after that I will officially no longer be immuno-suppresed. I forgot to ask if I regain that status when I start radiation, but that doesn't happen until 4-6 weeks after the end of chemo.

It has felt like chemo would be never-ending, so this is a good thing. This entry was originally posted at https://jeliza.dreamwidth.org/1102592.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

handling indoor wildfire smoke

So I'm linking this because I can't find it written up anywhere useful elsewhere, but you can do a thing with pans of water and/or spray bottles to improve indoor air quality from the smoke that manages to get through:


(TLDR: having lots of half-full pans of water around will help capture the smoke particles, as well as spritzing water on every surface you can  safely leave wet, but there is more useful detail in the post.)

Looking out our windows is like lookng at a faded polaroid of the landscape, it's so yellow. This entry was originally posted at https://jeliza.dreamwidth.org/1102417.html. Please comment there using OpenID.