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I (almost) have a new website

The about page isn't written, the portfolio section isn't up, and there are still weird places the background goes dark, but it's functional, and it won't take too much more work until I can swap it into being at the URL that is on my business cards and on my show applications.

(And will look good on a phone, and will be reasonably searched by google, becuase my current one fails the "mobile friendly" test, and is generally annoying on many fronts.)

It took entirely too much thought and angsting to decide whether or not anything besides jewelry could go on it; I ended up compromising with having only the space-related art on it as well, which is good for branding but is going to be a big weird if/when I do more with non-space mixed media and photography. And I still have non-space work in my online shop. But... I'll deal with that later, I guess.

As always, the farther I get in to working on a website for anything I do, the more I end up saying "dear gods I need better pictures". Larger than life is not kind to my process, and I need pictures with people in them.  But... I think that will have to be next month's project.
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