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so how should I run a benefit sale?
I want to do something to up my ability to help the Washington for Good Policing initiative (I-873)  but don't really leave the house enough to be an effective signature gatherer, so I was thinking about running a benefit sale.  I can think of a couple ways to do this:

  1. Announce that proceeds from online sales of work will go to wfgp until the petition deadline; a complication to this (all of it, really) is that right now I only have 12 jewelry pieces online (not that it wouldn't apply to other stuff, but, well, they flat art is not exactly popular.)  Adding listings takes from 10-30 minutes per pieces, depending on how good the pictures I already have are.  Doing an additional photoshoot to get side views/etc of pieces that could go up should happen anyway, but realistically, it will be slow going.

  2. Announce that with proof of donation/payment to me to pass on you can pick any equivalent piece, which would mean sticking up my inventory shots in bulk somewhere -- many of which are quick and dirty cell phone shots still on the weird sticky mat I work on, becuase they are normally just for my own tracking purposes. (Like so:
    which is oh so enticing and professional and there would be between 100-140 of them.

  3. Commissions? For donations, pick a shape and color scheme?. (Never mind, there are way too many ways for that to go wrong right now

  4. ???