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I keep coming up with jewelry designs I can't actually make, so I hied myself off to Beadworld to take "Wire Work 1" -- which technically, I learned the bulk of at a convention 20 years ago from Elise Matheson, but if you don't practice these things, they don't really stick.

Wire Work 1 = 2.5 hours of making loops. That's all, but you can do a surprising amount with it. And it's clearly gonna take me forever to be able to make all my loops consistent sizes and shapes yay.

So, I made a thing. This is largely only impressive becuase I managed to find that many matching beads in the random box of beads they use for classes.

I can't actually see well enough with any part of my trifocals so I was hunching over and looking over the tops of my glasses, which is, of course, a terrible idea. Afterward, my back hurt in ways it has not for years. So yay.

And now there will be practice, so I bought 8 yards of bright blue wire and a pack of clear glass beads and I'm going to make a "rosary chain" (not an actual rosary, they are all the same size bead) out of them until I run out of beads. And then another from the black beads and eyepins I have a stash of from when I was constructing the big three-bezel necklace -- that Tammy saved me on the actual construction on, which was my first clue that I needed to take a wirework class. My goal here is to have several hundred solid loops contributing to my muscle memory before I take Wire Work 2 in a couple weeks.

Oh, and here are the two pics (one from the bead store, the other the Bubonicon preview, and every time I mention that Bubonicon exists Rachael cracks up) that should have been posted but my instagram->lj iftt recipe is suddenly failing.

I'm not sure that adding beading, which means going to stores full of colorful translucent sparkles, is going to be good for the budget, but it will at least be pleasing.

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