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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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At Confluence
These beauties are at the Confluence art show in Pittsburgh right now
(I can't believe I forgot to post this last week. Thanks to mg4h for reminding me Confluence was happening this weekend.)

I love these!

I believe the final total was four sold. Unless some disappeared after I did my last-minute check. So, woo :)

There were *many* other people going ooooh shiny I have no money lemme grab a business card so, here's hoping. You definitely may need that online shopfront if there's many past the few I was present for....

OOh, I will get on that. I mean, technically I have, um, 6 things for sale online? But... yeah. I just did the final selects for worldcon, which also meant picking at least 20 things for the "post online" tray.

I think... annoyed as I am with artfire, it's going to be easier to stick a lot of stuff up there than get an etsy started before September.