my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

the run around flailing stage of show prep

One of the cats left a little "present" on the special fitted tablecloth I need for the show tomorrow. But apparently using a washing machine can mean it ends up a massively wrinkled mess, and I don't know that I even own an iron. Aaaaaagh.

And part of me wants to not put out my favorite new bracelet because I don't have (and probably won't have time to make) a good photo, since I can't scan them. bleah.

In case I haven't plugged it enough, I will be at the Greenlake Great Hall tomorrow for the Seattle Makers Market. I have stopped being stressed about all the other jewelry artists being of the "chic and elegant" variety because they all charge twice as much as I do (and use real silver and gemstones and stuff) so it isn't like I'll really be competing with them for sales. Though I might not be the right vibe for the market in general, but that's a different issue and remains to be seen.

I am dignified profeshnul artist and totally an adult and not a sack of squirrel in a human suit. Rilly.
Tags: business, whining

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