my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

yet another sign of the times

I just got a Shipping Alert from Fedex about expected shipping delays due to security concerns during the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Entire zip codes are expected to be delayed, presumably due to extra inspections.

Maybe this happened last time, but I don't remember getting this message before.

I don't think this will affect me, I'm just hornswaggled and a bit frightened that they think this is necessary. I'd say it was just Fedex CYA, but the report they are linking to is an official Secret Service document,

The USPS doesn't have anything similar up, but they tend to not forecast things as far in advance. Or maybe the secret service figures no one with notice late USPS packages. (Which would be rude, actually, their on-time record is as good or better than fedex and ups for me, and I run a mail-order business.)

I know that US politics have been near this fractious in the past, but back then all anyone had was muskets and single shot pistols and it was a hell of a lot easier on the bystanders.
Tags: politics

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