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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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it's very festive
Her first double-decker ice cream cone. With sprinkles and a cherry because why not? #summer #ritesofpassage #yummy via Instagram http://ift.tt/29tLcWB

Nice. :) See? "sprinkles." Steve insists they're called "jimmies."

In Pittsburgh they were definitely called jimmies. I can't remember if I ever encountered ice cream in Boston enough to know what they were called there.

"Bubbler" is the other word I just looked at Steve like "the f*** are you talking about?" I hadn't ever heard it. :)

Jimmies in Western Mass., though heard both. I've been told "jimmies" is a New England term, but have not seen a dialect map for it.

She's beautiful and happy! Well, who wouldn't be happy with that ice cream cone!