my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

things we brought home from norwescon

  • a bunch of very old classic sf paperbacks

  • new costume pieces for the kids of the ears and tails variety

  • 12 fewer pieces of jewelry for my art show panels than I brought (woot!)

  • 2 solid cases of con crud; the kids are at home running fevers high enough for the "don't bring them to school until this has been gone for 24 hours" rule

  • a bunch of new panel ideas and the business cards of some art show exhibitors I want to follow up on as potential panelists, assuming I am doing the track again next year (I can't remember when that decision gets made.)

  • a list of books and comics and stories to track down that's several miles long, though a bunch of that is from the various #hugoeligible discussions as well

  • the joyful discovery that if our room is in wing 7 instead of 5 I need my cane less than a third of the time I did in previous years.

  • an entirely dry swimsuit, becuase it was waaay to cold to swim. I also wimped out on wearing my kigurumi outside the room.

Tags: norwescon

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