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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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Still yet more glitter
I have been a very busy bee getting ready for Norwescon and Conglomeration.


(Do I do much these days besides jewelry, parenting and album design? Not really.)
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Way cool! :)

You will have some pink ones there, I hope. So I can send darkmane to procure me one. :-D

I'm not sure how many/if any of the pink ones will end up going to Norwes, actually, since they tend to be less space-y. So clearly we should meet up for the moral equivalent of coffee soon and I should bring all the pink ones for you to look at. :) Like next Sunday maybe?

My only free hours this Sunday are 2:30-4:30, but they are yours if they work for you.

I had forgotten that my Sunday is supposed to be running a movie playdate with the sproglets :( When I have a better sense of what my schedule is for the week after, I will confer.

Oops! No worries, we'll figure it out.