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novel recommendations requested

I'm embarking on my hugo nomination ballot, and while as usual my head is stuffed full of short fiction, I haven't read much in terms of hugo-class novels of recent vintage (well, I bought lots of books last year that were apparently pubbed at the end of 2014) and I would love suggestions -- specifically of hugo eligible works, so sf/f published in 2015.

(A big old suggestion post from me of short fiction and artists to check out will be forthcoming.)

I have already read/am planning to (try to) read:I don't read horror or grimdark (so no Kameron Hurley, and I'm a little trepidatious about the Jemisin based on what I've heard so far), and I don't have the brains for incredibly dense text a la Mieville right now, and I tend to dislike time travel.

So, anything not already on that list I should try and stuff into my brain in the next month?
(I am planning to start each of those, but bailing mid-story and putting on the pile for later if I like it but don't Hugo like it.)
Tags: hugo, reading

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