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pondering tidying
I started reading "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" (aka the KonMari method) last night, and I'm getting tempted to set aside a week (maybe when the kids go back to school, which looks like it will be a natural lull in the business client-wise) and just ... do it. On my spaces at least, not necessarily the rest of the house. It's very much the opposite of the "a little bit at a time" method, which is tempting and intimidating all at once.

I know I would be happier with a lot of stuff out my room/life (admittedly, a huge amount of that is currently the inevitable shipping detritus of my business, which is reasonably easy to get rid of) but I haven't really made much progress.

I like the idea of the "only keeping things that spark joy" (where understanding that a boring but sturdy warm coat could easily spark joy for keeping me warm and dry, especially if it isn't one of three) but it does all sound kind of crazy at the same time.

Anybody tried it?

I haven't tried that. I have worked with a professional organizer on and off for a few years now, and sometimes she's been really helpful.

I can say this. The areas we've gotten "DONE" and put new plans in place have mostly stayed good, with some setbacks, and that has brought me some joy all on it's own.

Good luck! I might check out that book.