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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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no cookies for me.
I committed to exactly one non-family holiday event this year, because I am a hermit with no energy (all year, really, but especially in December). And I was really really looking forward to it. It was going to basically be my social life for the month, maybe even the quarter.

And I wrote the wrong fucking day down on my calendar and missed it.

I hate my brain so much right now.

I'm willing to guarantee that there are still cookies left.

Hm. Warranty might be the better term there?

I'm sorry. I've had that happen - used to be so much worse before I got a calendar that beeps, but even now I've had an off-by-one error with an appointment where they didn't remind me and I wrote it down wrong.



I want to throttle myself when I do something like that. My condolences.