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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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Come to a nice little holiday show this Saturday!
This Saturday I will be at the Cascade Winterfest with a passel of jewelry and cards and prints of all kinds!  I have been a busy, busy bee on the jewelry front so there will be a ton of new work to choose from.  Also, the bake sale is usually pretty wicked.

Collection of space jewelry

10 am to 4 pm at Meridian Park Elementary, just off the 175th street exit from I-5. free admission.

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you! The range is from 10-30; what colors does she like? I can take pics of some in those colors along with something for a sense of scale (the big pendants are BIG; the large ovals in that pic are 1x2 inches.) and send it along.

(Deleted comment)
I'm pulling together a few she might like, and will send a picture over tonight.

Ooh, that photo is luscious, the coloring and the feel of the rounded shapes from the soft rainbow-fringed(?) bar highlight.

I am tempted to give ones to the kids, but I know at this point they would lose them and it would be tragedy. We still are reminded that the rubber ball with glitter in water inside was never found.

That's actually what happens when you put glass cabochons on a flatbed scanner! (these are the absolute devil to photograph.)

Well that sure works out beautifully. Nice technique!

How did you/it give them the diffuse illumination from the left? Is that just bouncing around inside the scanner and coming up through the glass?

Yep, it's all the scanner. I just lay them down with a black cloth over the top. You can actually do a lot of fun artistic things with the "scanner as camera" -- I really like this woman's work and I've seen some amazing art done with an open scanner of outside scenes but can't find it again -- I'm not going to adventure with my current one, but maybe my old one will go outside to play one of these days.