my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

fiddly bits and shinies

I can tell I'm getting way more serious about the jewelry because I've started to get really frustrated with the limitations of my materials and fine detailing that 99.5% of the population won't notice.
But I have a large new crop of pendants made, am about to finish a batch of rings and bracelets, and then I should have enough stock to definitely make it through Winterfest (in Shoreline this Saturday! Come! There will be baked goods!) and probably Arisia as well. And maybe Radcon. (I can only fit ~20 on a panel and I now have ... many panels worth. I might need to stop making any for a while.) It depends on how many pieces (hopefully don't) come back from Chessiecon.

The new pieces incorporating alchol inks in a watercolor style are pretty sweet, although some came out more abstract than space-y. And once again, I have chosen to work in a medium that is really hard to photograph (very small! iridescence! glitter! curved glass!)


In the non-sparkly parts of my life, I have sent all my Christmas orders off to the book binders, and while I have a couple of album designs still on my plate, they are on the normal schedule, not rush. The cats are punks, a tree got cut down before it fell down in our backyard, which means a bit more light in my room (well, when I don't have the heat-retaining blackout curtains closed) and my hair is bright blue again, which for some reason makes me feel more secure. I think I feel best when I look like a somewhat androgynous and brightly colored muppet; I keep forgetting I look like a weirdo to normal people, though, since I continue to only leave the house for school stuff and errands.

I am running out of excuses to not clean my office/studio on a major scale, since the important projects on the horizon (video!) will be really much easier to do when that happens.
Tags: adulting, art

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    Apparently I am anticipating summer, since dresses are suddenly interesting again. Though I have to shave my head to wear them, mostly.

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