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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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Stupid pen.
I decided in a fit of optimism to take just a sketchbook and a pen to the
pool with me, so I could start working up sketches for characters in this
possible comic project while D is at his lesson.

On a really good day, I can maybe manage an acceptable scribble or two with
ink pen. But drawing people? With line? Without prep or reference?

I made it 30 seconds before landing in the mire of "ohmigod I am delusional
to think I could ever do this " and putting the book away.

I know that I probably can do this, with other tools, and that it is just
brain weasels... But I still feel like poo and have to sit here with
nothing to read.

way cool! Your comic would be awesome.

I know how the creative brainweasels go. Been plagued with them awhile. :(

Oh yes! I know those brainweasels well. Little bastards.

Sometimes I try to do things badly. Usually I succeed, always I am amused by it.