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cameras are trouble

Both my SLR bodies are currently non-functional, and I haven't been able to make it down to Ballard to get a repair quote, but previous experience tells me that it will be $200 minimum to get both repaired, and likely more. A random tweet directed me to the knowledge that the successor to the nicer of those bodies (so with HD video and eye-fi) is currently $300. Which is... hmmm.

(Also, this is probably a Get Off My Lawn moment, but I wish standard camera kits were still body+fastish 50mm lens, instead of body+slow 18-55 zoom lens. Use your feet to zoom, that's how to learn, damnit.)

I have far less need for an SLR these days, but would like to have the capability to return to nicer product photos than my point-and-shoot can handle, and you know, some times I still want to go make photos of things besides the children. (Not that I've even edited the photos I took last spring at Long Beach. Gaaaaah.)

I don't know if my thinking is being unduly influenced by the appearance of my tax refund, which I should probably just apply to debt. I didn't really want to spend any more money on equipment this year....

ETA: I have been convinced it is a good idea, especially because shooting videos is definintely a thing I need to start. It was only $15 extra for red, so wheeee!
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