my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk


It is day eleventy-billion of running out of energy long before I run out
of necessary tasks. The kids seem similarly low energy, albeit without the
to-do-list issues. We (by which I mean Sean, while I ran errands) did get
them out into the sunshine for a while ("want to go to a park?" is a magic
question that transforms "I'm too tiiiiiired to go outside" into running to
find sneakers. Kind of like when you say "walk" around certain dogs.) but
sadly that adventure ended with Dan banging his head into a piece
of playground equipment. He doesn't have a concussion, just a hell of a
headache, but it defintely put an end to the day's fun.

I am going to attempt the "get up super early and work in the quiet of
everyone else sleeping" gambit, though I've mostly been failing my save vs.
snooze button on that front. The kids have Spring Break this week, so at
worst I can get my quiet by letting them sleep in a bit.

(and now, we see if post via e-mail, which I have not previously used,
actually works. whee!)
Tags: dailylog

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