my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

sparkly pretties

New, non-sucky pictures of (most of) the stuff I will be showing at Norwescon -- since I took these, they have all been nestled happily into their pendant bezels with the help of an industrial adhesive. As always, I pick the most difficult to photograph art forms I can. Some still don't have titles; Olivia helped with a fair chunk of naming. I have to have them all in the database by Saturday night, but I'm still looking for titles (or better titles) for several.

no title
Untitled Blue Planetary Nebula, Kuiper Belt, Milky Way

no title
Crystal Reef, Northern Lights(?), Fireworks
no titleno title
Ice Storm, Lionheart
no title
Dreamsea, Distant Galaxies, Starwave, Starfall
no title
Space Battle, Tiger Tiger
no title
(previously shown) Untitled, Van Gogh's Nebulae, (previously shown) Crystal Reef
Tags: art, norwescon

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