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Hugo nominations for 2015 (tentative)

I'm pretty sure about the bold. And I have a shit-ton of reading/watching to do in the next week to be sure of the rest.

Short Stories

Toad Words by Ursula Vernon as T. Kingfisher. Possibly my favorite short story ever. Collected in her self-published anthology (buy it) but originally posted on her blog.  I know her "Jackalope Wives" in Apex got a Nebula nod and it is also awesome, so... I may add that at the last minute.
Wine, Yoon Ha Lee, at Clarkesworld.
How to become a rebot in 12 easy steps, A. Merc Rustad, Scigentasy (Scigentasy is my favorite new short story source.)
Fisher Queen, Alyssa Wong

Still deciding on spot #5: the aforementioned Jackalope Wives, Sam Miller's We are the cloud, Sofia Samatar's Ogres of East Africa (in Long Hidden), and the issue of Tin House which has a story by Ursula LeGuin just arrived at the library for me this morning.


Stone Hunger, N.K. Jemisin, Clarkesworld
The Litany of Earth, Ruthanna Emrys, (amazing exploration of reversing the perspective of Lovecraft.)

nothing decided for sure yet, but considering

  1. The End of the Sentence, but Maria Dahvana Headley & Kat Howard

  2. The Awakened Kingdon, N.K. Jemisin

  3. NoFood, Sarah Tolmie

  4. Hath no fury, Kat Howard

  5. Grand Jete, Rachel Swirsky

  6. Entanglement, Vandana Singh


probably going to be blank; there are 6 suggestions I have heard that sound like I would love them, but I haven't read them yet and none of the rest of the novels I've read this year that seemed Hugo-worthy rather than just fun were published in 2014. The suggestions

  1. The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu

  2. Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison

  3. Mirror Empire, Kameron Hurley

  4. The Lagoon, Nnedi Okrafor

  5. Valour and Vanity, Mary Robinette Kowal

  6. City of Stairs, Robert Jackson Bennet

Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

  • Snowpiercer

  • Maleficent

  • Legend of Korra, 4th season

  • Big Hero 6</b>

Short form

  • Person of Interest, "If-Then-Else"

  • Korra "Day of the Colossus"

  • Korra "The Last Stand"

  • Orphan Black "Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done"

Graphic Works

The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1
Ms. Marvel Vol. 1

O Human Star Vol. 1
Strong Female Protagonist Book 1


Strange Horizons
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Crossed Genres


I find it kind of interesting how much my tastes are out of step with the majority of the professional magazines.


SI Huang
Sarah McCarry
Rin Chupeco
Django Wexler
Kai Ashante Wilsons

Fan Writer
Foz Meadows
Mark Oshiro
Liz Bourke

(there will be others, if I ever find my notes.)

short form editor

Neil Clarke, Clarkesworld

I wish I could collectively nominate the Strong Horizons team

Related Works

  • Long Hidden anthology

  • The Art of Space: History of Space Art


I had many more notes about possibilites for this category that were lost in a tragic cut and paste incident

Best Artist

  • Stephan Martiniere

  • Julie Dillon

  • Kekai Kotaki

  • James Ng

  • Jo Chen

  • Elizabeth Leggett

  • Joanna Estep

  • August Hall

  • Lee Moyer

  • Victo Ngai

  • Ed Binkley

  • James Jean


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