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  • Thu, 18:51: RT @kingcountyjobs: .@iheartkcparks is hiring Park Specialists for maintenance work in County parks. $50k+ closes 3/6
  • Thu, 18:55: RT @kjhealy: Years of training has prepared a tiny cadre of philosophers for this one media cycle devoted to the ontology and phenomenology…
  • Thu, 18:58: RT @Pixelfish: Possibly if you see the white and gold dress you might wanna check the gamma and brightness settings on yer monitor.
  • Thu, 20:28: RT @calamityjon: As a graphic designer, I am super grateful for this dress business, because finally I'll have a real world example to expl…
  • Thu, 20:28: RT @calamityjon: Just like I'm grateful for varying thread counts on bed linens,as they provide a handy explanation for how resolution affe…
  • Thu, 20:39: RT @tcarmody: It’s almost as if everything we intuitively take as simple and self-evident were actually a rich, complex product of conflict…
  • Thu, 20:46: RT @atlblog: If you're going to steal someone's intellectual property, try not to steal from LAWYERS - (by @associat
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