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vacation and miscellania

Not mine, the kids. Shoreline School District, in its infininte wisdom, turns President's Day into a week-long Mid-Winter Break. (Seattle only does an extra day off.)

I do not understand why there are so many vacations, and random days off. I don't think there is a month without at least a day of non-holiday based kid day off. Which I can accomodate, albeit stressfully, but has to powerfully suck for parents with "regular" jobs. As it is, while I can make the schedules work (usually by slowing up on work stuff), as I am so hella introverted that even having people in the house who are not even interacting with me can be draining, I really, really, miss the alone time. And it's only Tuesday. Though having the time to just cuddle with the kids for a half-hour, without the schedule demands of school and homework and swim lessons and appointments is nice. Also sleeping in.

S is taking the kids to recreation swim in an hour on his day off. I need to actually turn that 1.5 hour reprieve into productivity, not just collapsing into a semi-nap and reading omonatheydidnt which I am probably entirely caught up on anyway. (The new 4minute single is stupid good EDM/pop, and I wanna listen to it constantly, and it isn't up for sale in the U.S. yet. Hrmph. Having to refresh youtube instead of just sticking it into a WMP or Spotify playlist is irritating.)

The business has written a spectacular number of large checks in the last three weeks; always forgot in the immediate post-holiday order money-coming-in happy place how much of it is going to go right back out. I am almost tempted to pay book one of my regular advertising sites for a 6 month stint at the slightly higher rate so that then the yearly bill doesn't come in January. Advertising is my second largest expense, right after Cost of Good Sold, which is kind of impressive, but daunting.

Getting back to vacation, it has been suggested I take one. The few days I took at the coast last year were wonderful, even if the year then kicked my feet out from under me and took most of the rested-ness away soon after (and I still haven't even scanned in the film, or looked through the pictures to see if I want to print any/submit to stock. Oi.)  Both my SLRs just died, so a photography retreat is probably not called for. I've been looking for an art workshop weekend, but mostly finding things that are too expensive, above my ability level, or too twee.  Sometimes I really wish I liked playing with Just Pretty. I am beginning to regard my brain's tendancy to like the things that are hard and odd as a flaw.

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