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growing older shouldn't make adulting harder.
I feel awful, which goes so well with the to-do list from hell.
Leaving the house is a terrifying prospect. And yet, if I leave the house, I can get good ramen from Aloha, which my body is totally craving.

I dearly, dearly hope I am over this cold by the wedding expo on Sunday. This could suck really hard.
(BTW, I still have 4 spots on my complimentary guest list for this Sunday's indie Lovesick Wedding expo, which has, like, booze and burlesque and chill vendors like me and babeland and Wai Ching. If you know someone doing wedding planning and they wanna go for free, e-mail/comment at me.)

I really get this, and wish you the very best. Adulting does seem to sometimes get harder with age!