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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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  • Wed, 22:29: Why did I think that watching a bio of Francis Bacon right before bed was a good idea? It might as well be subtitled Nightmare Material.
  • Wed, 22:48: RT @nytimes: Father of Boy With Leukemia Asks California School Officials to Bar Unvaccinated Students http://t.co/GgTzCxWmyt
  • Wed, 23:03: The insistence in this video on describing George Dyer as only Bacon's "friend" is infuriating.
  • Thu, 08:39: RT @Remroum: Detroit Cop Who Killed 7-Year-Old Aiyana Stanley-Jones Walks Free http://t.co/tBFusSQoeC
  • Thu, 08:39: RT @yeloson: LRT: so a 7 yo sleeping child is shot with a submachinegun by police in a wrong house raid. But "no one was negligent". So...…