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quick pretty thing help?
The last thing I need to do to order my (epic) new sample album is pick a cover, which I need to do ASAP so I can get the album in time for my wedding show in February.

I have made over 100 mockups. I have narrowed it down to 16, and at this point do not trust my eyes at all. If you could look through this gallery and tell me which one(s) you like best, that would be super helpful.


Possibly relevant: this is what some of this kind of album look like in real life, which will maybe give you a little sense how the mockups translate to real life:


I like the first one best. ;)

The first one is probably my personal favorite, the first 3-4 are all pretty wonderful.

Honestly, they all look good. I like the first ones because they seem to match the photo well. Good luck!

I like 13.

If you want good contrast, I really like the last one. The blue and the white don't match the picture, so they all balance pretty well.

If you want complimentary bits, then I like the second one best. It brings out the lighter and darker greens, and the leaf pattern on the stripe also echoes that.

6, 13, and 15. I like the embossed pattern better on the detail than on the book itself.

Since we're going to order one of these for ourselves one of these days, I used myself as the target audience. :-)

That works.

You know you get large friend discount and/or free advice if you wanna DIY, right?