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wow. it moves.
For as long as I can remember (i.e. I have distinct memories of this being the case 15+ years ago) there has been snap-crackle-pop (muscle adhesions, I think?) in my shoulders when I rolled them. Like, forever.

I got a massage this morning (from Hakoon at Dreamclinic, which I am writing down so I remember) and in my right shoulder they are GONE.  And it feels REALLY WEIRD to not be carrying tension in that shoulder (the other shoulder, alas, is not at quite the same state, though also better than in ages, but that means I have a standard of comparison.)

I am not entirely sure how I would handle it if all the tensed up places in my body actually got worked out at the same time. Maybe I would just be floppy like a jellyfish.
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My Pilates teacher commented today that I was tight in the neck and the shoulders, and I grumbled, "I'm always this way," because I am. I think a good bit of it is simply my musculature, to be honest, but I'm awfully familiar with the shoulder cracking.

Wow! That is wonderful news.

I do so miss getting massages...

:writes down "Hakoon at Dreamclinic" too

Everyone I've ever worked with at Dreamclinic has been good (and R thinks William is the best) but Hakoon is the first LMT I've worked with who has Sports Massage as a specialty, and I'm wondering if that's the difference.