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Cyberweek coupon codes

If you are into the cyber monday thing, here are the discount deals/codes I got sent recently by my affiliate-program-overlords; I am not sure which of these are the codes they don't otherwise publicize. (no, I don't plan on doing this often.)

Cheap Art Supplies:

Get your Cyber Monday savings at Blick! Use code CYBMON to get 15% off order $79 or more, 20% off orders $129 or more, 25% off orders $199 or more, plus free shipping on orders of $79 or more. Exclusions apply. Good through Monday, December 1st, CST.

Nifty photo holiday cards and such:

Use code CYBER40 at TinyPrints for 40% off all cards. Works through Dec. 4th.

20% off everything at Shutterfly with code CYBER20 through the 4th.

Why No Books?
There should be a Blurb one, but the only one they sent me expires today so unless you already have a book made, that's unlikely to help. I do pretty much always have blurb codes, frequently the affiliate-specific ones they don't advertise on the site. (How I started doing affiliate stuff if because I design blurb books for people at my business, and do not mark up the price on blurb, so this way I get a cut for sending them all those sales), and then the affiliate place ( was like -- hey, you should look at these too!
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