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tech thoughts

I turns out I can, conceivably, afford a laptop that can run photoshop/indesign. (I'd probably still do all color correction on the desktop machine with the old but high-grade monitor); They've come down in price by about half since last year, which is to say, still four figures, but starting with a 1 instead of 2/3.  The question then is, will it actually be sufficiently useful to justify it?


Can go work places where it is

  1. warm

  2. in the same room as/easier hearing distance to the kids

  3. possible to work standing up

  4. out of the house

That might actually be it, unless I am forgetting something, which is a shorter list than I thought.


Big chunk out of business budget.

The question then becomes if that would result in sufficiently improved productivity/parenting/health to be worth it.

(Also, the ex-boss/continuing client needs a new PC to somewhat custom/graphics workstation specifications, and it would be super awesome if she could get it from somwhere such that she has access to tech support that isn't me. Suggestions welcome.)
Tags: business, parenting

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