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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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nanomango, day 2
(There was no Day 1, as I collapsed in a heap before accomplishing, um, many of the things planned for yesterday.)

I am going to attempt to do this thing, though in a hopefully somewhat lightweight manner, because November is a very busy business month. So far I have done a fair bit of work -- I now have a main and a few background characters, I know the hook for the quest/adventure my hero|ine|thing will be following, and I've got some world built, all brainstormed over lunch -- but I, uh, haven't actually drawn anything.

My memory of the capabilites of the drawing apps on the iPad was somewhat erroneous, which is a bigger complication than it should be on the "lightweight" front. I had a specific drawing style in mind (the world sprang from it, in fact, and iti s the style I am most comfortable in), but having to do it *on paper* will add a lot of time, and mess, and make it much less likely to happen. A drawing a day, on the ipad, before bed? seemed doable. Pulling out a sketchpad and charcoal and erasers and everything involved to clean that up and I kinda don't want charcoal all over my bed? Kind of a problem.