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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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My tweets
  • Sun, 15:43: I am a sad and disappointed Fruhead :(
  • Sun, 16:36: It's always obvious when I've been cleaning since every kid barrette and headband I find just goes on my head until I'm done.
  • Sun, 16:43: The calming effect of having a clean desktop is surprisingly strong.
  • Sun, 16:47: Photoset: creppybushtit: redconvoy: leave-me-to-dehydrate: firstgingerdoctor: mother. friggin’. space. man.... http://t.co/MfTM5tYO13
  • Sun, 17:01: Clazziquai Project appears to have put up almost the entire back catalog (including OOP) on spotify this week: http://t.co/hPHPGfUBoV yay!
  • Sun, 19:23: RT @biorgproject: Intersex Awareness Day calls attention to an often ignored, misunderstood community http://t.co/uF0acji1DL
  • Sun, 20:50: Photo: divalocity: ♔ALEK♔ http://t.co/dUI0qCFPXp
  • Sun, 21:04: RT @pourmecoffee: If we let the scientists win on this quarantine thing, it will only embolden their evidence-based tyranny. Think it throu…
  • Sun, 21:14: If the post I just submitted to omona gets approved, I bet I have 200+ comment e-mails by morning. Wheee. SM, you trolls.
  • Sun, 21:14: Ah, someone else got there first. My inbox is spared.
  • Mon, 09:50: Becuase it keeps coming up: recs for (not-mail-based) labs that do quality print scans/neg scans? I've got Seattle & NYC covered, need more.
  • Mon, 09:58: This is a *wonderful* video:OK Go - I Won't Let You Down - Official Video: http://t.co/qhWZ98pZJ3 I am totally grinning now.
  • Mon, 10:05: RT @jimchines: I may have tweaked GamerGate's pro-diversity, pro-inclusion "Check Your Privilege" graphic a little... http://t.co/pNofNTv3Jk
  • Mon, 10:10: RT @textualdeviance: I really don't understand why we don't license guns and their owners the same way we do cars and drivers.
  • Mon, 10:49: I just got spam to an e-mail that has only been exposed to the world *once* and that with spaces around the @. Ugh.
  • Mon, 10:50: RT @rachelheldevans: When our biggest concern is the ways in which we perceive ourselves to be persecuted, we often miss the ways in which …