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  • Sun, 17:26: RT @mallelis: pretty disappointing we have to live in a world where "the mommy track" doesn't refer to an exclusive group of mothers-only f…
  • Sun, 19:10: RT @usmantm: Pls RT: Still looking for names of Muslim horror/dark writers in any language for an article. Please drop me a line if any com…
  • Mon, 10:09: This is me this morning: RT @oVertoneColor: Monday morning? I think I'll just rest my eyes in this cubby.
  • Mon, 10:26: Photoset: nereiids: THE WAY THE PAGAN GODS ARE HALF REMEMBERED HERE FIRE POEM, Berlin ||�Robert Montgomery
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  • (no subject)

    The cat is getting increasingly irritated I am up past my bedtime (i.e. her getting pets while sitting next to my pillow time) and now I am doing…

  • The old man sleeps

    The paw over the eyes trick is my favorite.

  • So helpful

    The whole family helps with science fair. At least he didn't eat the experiments.

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