my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

i like green.

I had thought my workout yesterday was pretty minor, but then I tried to raise my arms above my head. Clearly I need MOAR BENCH PRESS.

In more exciting news, I have a car! That actually has working... everything!  All that's left is to have one thing checked out on it (weird error message, the dealer said they will take care of it) and get the Saturn sent off to the wrecking yard. Wheee!

And it's green. I will be able to find it easily in parking lots. And it gets WAY better mileage.  And the people at Enterprise Car Sales (it's a former rental car) were really helpful and absolutely no pressure. I definitely recommend them. Plus, they are one of only two reputable places to buy cars in Shoreline, which means that big chunk of sales tax will actually go to pave my roads and teach my kids.

Behold, "granny smith" (or maybe VeggieCar. we'll see.)


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