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Streaming kpop outside Korea reference post

Last updated: 19 July 2015

Unlabeled links are to spotify; pretty much only indie acts are on bandcamp/soundcloud right now, and pandora is kind of useless to link to. Spotify and Soundcloud are streaming; Bandcamp is both streaming and a way to buy directly from the artist (so they get a bigger cut than they do from itunes/soribada/etc.)

Note that Spotify has no clue how to deal with namespace collisions and so does not differentiate in a useful way between artists with the same name, so all the different "Primary" "infinite" and "Henry"s are grouped together in their interface. Also, some artists show up with multiple names. Not all artists are available in all markets.

Labels are listed alphabetically, with Hiphop, not-sorted-by-label rock & indie, and OSTs/Compilations at the end.
LJ has been "helpfully" doing things to the formatting, which I am trying to correct.

Amoeba Culture -- see also HipHop for label changers
Dynamic Duo

Heo Young Saeng:

K-Much (spotify)
Bob Girls (spotify)
Chrome Family: (spotify)


Cube and sub-labels:

Fluxus (indie)
Fluxus's main album bandcamp site -- has sublinks to all their individual artists bandcamps as well
From the Airport (spotify) (bandcamp)
Urban Zakapa (spotify) (bandcamp)
Annyeongbada (spotify) (bandcamp)
Loveholics (spotify)
ibadi (spotify)
Yi Sung Yol (spotify) (bandcamp)
Horan (bandcamp)
small o (bandcamp) (spotify)
GGotjamm Project (bandcamp)

Foundation Records (Indie)
Demicat (Out Loud EP):
Googolplex: or
Theatre 8:

Happy Face

4Men 4Men
Dal Shabet
Kim Kyung-Ho spotify

Beenzino (spotify)

JYP (Including AQ & Big Hit sub-labels)

MUSICABAL (indie folk and rock)
Richard Parkers: bandcamp:
Seo Sang-Joon (drummer for Vodka Rain and Delispice)


NH Media




f(x) -
- Zhou Mi -- billed as Super Junior-M --
- Zhou Mi (proper solo)
- KRY:
- Kyu Hyun: (spotify)
- Donghae & Eunhyuk: (spotify)

K. Will (spotify)
- Hyorin:

Pony Canyon

Universal Music Korea

Infinite (spotify)
- Infinite H: (spotify)
NELL (spotify)
Lovelyz (spotify)
Tasty (spotify)
Jisun (spotify)


YMC Entertainment

Everyone "mainstream" not yet grouped by label
Lee Seung Gi:
Leegun: (trot)
VIXX (only OSTs so far) VIXX (Jellyfish)
C-Clown C-Clown (Yedang)
Chocolat Chocolat (Paramount)
Lena Park/Park Jung-hyun Park Jung-Hyun
f.cuz F.Cuz (Tunes-Will)
Sweetsorrow: Unknown Artist
The One: Unknown Artist
Lip Service (Sony): (shared with Swedish dance combo)
Badkiz (Zoo(: (spotify)
Esna (spotify)
EXID (Loen/Sony): (spotify)
Insooni (Sosob Blue Sky/Sony) (spotify)
KARA (DSP): (spotify)
Wassup/Wa$$up (Sony?): spotify
Lee Ki-chan (spotify)
Seo Taiji: 2009 live band tour on spotify Seotaiji & the Boys (spotify)
Team H (Jang Geun Suk) (spotify)


Simon D
San-e (just his JYP album)
Jay Park
Basick: (spotify)

Rhythm Power 리듬파워 Rhythm Power
Verbal Jint Verbal Jint and Unknown Artist
e.via/Tymee e.via

Indie Label Channels
Ruby Records/Ruby Salon Records - shared bandcamp for all their artists: -- they represent 이장혁 (Lee Jang Hyuk), NO.1 Korean, Mushru:ms, Seoul Riddim Superclub, Third Stone, Peterpan Complex, blackbag, MonkeyZ

Indie Acoustic & Folk:
Acoustic Collabo:
Joa Band:
Kim Jin Ho/Jinho Kim (SG Wannabe):
Lang Lee:
Lim Heoni:
Lucid Fall:
Na Hee Kyung:
Sweden Laundry:

Indie Rock and Alt-rock:
The Black Skirts:
The Electriceels:
Yellow Monsters: spotify
Glittering Blackness: and
No Brain
Crying Nut
Idiotape (+soundcloud
Oh heejung (오희정) bandcamp: soundcloud:
Hologram Film bandcamp:
aMor faTi bandcamp:
Au Revoir Michelle (metal): (spotify)
feverdogs: (bandcamp)
Square the Circle: (bandcamp)

Indie Pop

Standing Egg Standing Egg
10cm (spotify)

Indie totally un-sorted (includes rock, pop, folk, electronica etc.):
mate 메이트
J Rabbit
Shin Jyung-hyun:
Three Quartet (쓰리퀄텟): bandcamp: (jazz)
Sultan of the Disco:
Kernelstrip (electronica/ambient):
Kim Kate (electronica/ambient):  (soundcloud) (bandcamp)
Wym/Bjorn (synthpop): (soundcloud) (bandcamp)
Sima Kim (electronica): (bandcamp)
Talkgako (new age meets electronica with sitar?) (bandcamp)

Jung Sung Ha, guitarist:
Yiruma, pianist:
Shin In Soo, pianist (many OSTs): Shin In Soo


There are lots and I have no idea which ones are important, so I only added those I ran across more than once
City Hunter OST -
Hot Korean OST collection 2014 Unknown Album

Various Artists/Compilation Albums:

DJ Chully: DJ Chully -- compilations and remixes
Orange Revolution Festival featuring a slew of indie bands including 10cm, Acoustic Collabo, Daybreak, etc. and a Dok2 track:
Sum∞ Greenplugged Omnibus Album featuring Jaurim, Glen Check and more:
Atmosfera: Yiruma Special Album, with various artists and jazzy/bossa nova-y instrumentalists:
94 It Will be the Tomorrow: (includiing Seo Taiji and the Boys, Boohwal, many others)
I'm your songwriter (Magical Strawberry Sound compilation, vol. 1): (spotify)

Thanks to overflowers for contributing so many!
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