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Garden species list

Inspired by ursulav's species goal posts I am starting to track different species I find in the garden. Probably mostly butterflies and moths because this site makes it so easy to do so (and the results contribute to citizen science as well!)  Hopefully this will make me more observant in the garden and go outside more.

I'm going to attempt to keep the list on this entry

July 2014
1. Western Tent Caterpillar Moth (Malacosoma californicum) (okay, kinda not excited about this one, given it's pest nature. I suspect it was just stopping on the way to the neighbor's, since we have no host plants for it.)
2. Caramel Looper (Autographa corusca) -- I'm only the third sighting for this one in the BAMONA database! It has cool name and is pretty.
3. White Underwing (Catocala relicta)
Tags: citizen science, garden

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