my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

Hiring: freelance album designer

I need a backup freelance designer for my wedding album company, à la carte albums, to handle overflow during peak periods (August/October/November usually, but also other times less predictably.)

  • compensation varies by album size, starting at $100 (flat fee per album)

  • must work with recent enough Photoshop to use Smart Objects

  • MUST be able to do album layouts with clean, unembellished design with plain background; additional styles welcome, but that is by far the most important. (You can see some sample styles on my portfolio page)

  • templates not provided

  • flush/coffee table albums only, matted album design not expected

  • conversant with dropbox or google drive; will be delivering layered PSD files.

  • independent contractor position, not employee; payments will be reported on 1099-MISC; US resident/authorized workers only

  • designs to be delivered within 1 business week.

E-mail cover letter and link to portfolio to admina @


I will be spreading this out to craigslist and such this week, but since my last hire ended up coming through LJ, I figured I would start it here first. :) Please pass it on.
(And feel free to tell me parts that don't make sense!)
Tags: business

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