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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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the only reason I should get into conversations on tumblr
is that my collection of reaction GIFs is at this point over 200. And I would like to share some of them with you now, in lieu of real content.

(FYI, for posting purposes, they live at jeliza.net/sillygifs, I try to name them descriptively, and folks are free to use them, hotlinking is fine, I got lotsa bandwidth I am not using.)

Using cuts for those who have trouble with animated gifs and to spare your friends pages:

No No No:

octopus nope
wonderwoman says hell no
rickman table flip


Cute stuff:


Commentary on Conversations:

This post brought to you by a fatigue-induced lack of attention span.

These are awesome. Mind if I swipe? (won't link to yours.)

Swipe away, and you can totally use the links on my server, I don't lack for bandwidth.

Cool, thanks! :)

The nopetopus will never, ever get old.

Those are great!