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little reminders of camp

At R's urging, I dragged my mopey butt to the gym today, and proceeded to lift for over an hour. Which was, in fact, awesome, although what little upper body strength I had has clearly gone away again. This, of course, involves getting really sweaty. So. Apparently I got a lot more mosquito bites than I had thought, and they were just waiting to be sweat activated to start their "Scratch Me!" siren call.

I PRed on the Leg Press machine (315 lbs, 3 sets of 10 reps.) That kind of makes me not trust the machine, though, because it's not like I've been maintaining my strength training during all these months of sick. But it does mean I could probably have maxing out that machine as an achievable goal. (I didn't know it was a PR until I put it into fitocracy. I definitely could have gone higher, particularly for a smaller set. My thighs are mighty.)

I'm still pretty anti-social, but less than I was yesterday. The reflex to run away at the first hint of folk song remains powerful. I'm still catching up on sleep (and so is O. D is at Grandma's, so I don't know how he is doing, but he thrives at school camp, so I'm not worried about him.)
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