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pyjama squid
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a few pics from camp
Because right now I have very few public words beyond the fact that being cabin mom to seven 10 year old girls is exhausting.  Also, internet connectivity at Cornet Bay ELC was limited to random squibs of data every few hours, so my inbox/voicemail/etc is terrifying.

The quiet beauty of this landscape leaves no hint to the deafening roar of fighter jets and other military aircraft passing by constantly.

Outside 80% of the day and lots of activity? D approves.

O at "nature poetry" class at the firepit.

One of my camp jobs was teaching an elective, so I did paper airplanes. And learned a new one in the process. This elective works so much better at camp, where there is plenty of room for testing, than it did in a classroom, where I had to keep reminding them not to throw their planes where they might land on the people in the "caring for guinea pigs" elective that was in the same room.