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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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gardening is so sisyphean
I spent a solid chunk of time weeding; enough to make my back ache, certainly.  But given the hell into which the front yard had descended (sick all spring = no garden maintenance), that only results in things looking slightly less crappy; if you didn't know the "before" state, you'd just think "damn, they need to weed that thing."


The strawberries flourish despite our neglect; if I let them they would take over. Heck, maybe I should start strawberries at the top of the hill the blackberries keep infesting, and let them fight it out.  The blueberries are not dead, but they are not any bigger than they were in the fall of 2012, either, which is strange for blueberries, so that bed is going to end up torn out entirely and starting over.

I haven't seen strawberries beat out blackberries, but I have seen fennel beat out blackberries.

Huh. I like fennel.

At this point, I could like almost anything that can beat out blackberries, and I'm not worried about the hillside not being food-producing, really; it isn't now (the blackberries succeeding in taking out the two baby apple trees.)

A while back a local master gardener suggested kinnickkinnick as a native that might outcompete. I wish she had mentioned back then that it had berries.