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I love you, King County Library System
I found a S.E.S cd. Just, on the shelf, didn't have to request it or anything. On the rare occasion you can even find kpop that old for sale, it's usually *hella* expensive, and while I am trying to deepen my understanding of the history/development of kpop, there is really only so much budget I want to throw at it.

I doubt I will listen to it nearly as much as Brown Eyed Girls or f(x), but it's still awfully cool.

Oh that's weird. You can pick up super-old K-Pop like that for like $2 a CD in Japan, when you find them. I think somewhere in my boxes of CDs I've got some of their stuff that I haven't even listened to in 10-15 years (I say this just as 가까이 by s#arp randomly started playing on my iPhone, bizarrely, though) though I'm not sure if I kept it through all my moves or not.

Japan is still kpop's biggest cash cow, though, so it makes sense that it is cheap and easy to find there, especially since groups from the big 3 labels all do Japanese albums as well.

Here, there are 3 shelves of kpop, only recent stuff, at the bookstore in the U District, and if I want to see more in person, I would have to drive down to California or up to Vancouver.