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book meme, day 3
Favorite Series:

I kinda hit this yesterday, but I <3 the Vorkosigan series. And though I don't reread them as much, I still love Diane Duane'sSo You Want To Be a Wizard series, and have begun pressing them upon the children.

Okay, THIRD person in as many days to talk about this during the bookmeme. I'm definitely going to have to read them. I got the first one as part of a bundle a bit ago.

Which series? The first book of SYWTBAW is representative, but with the Vorkosigan series I'm not sure what the best order to read them in is (chronological order and publishing order are also really different)

Let me fire up Calibre...

I've got Shards of Honor.

Ah, chronological order. I really like it, but I would say that if you are iffy on it, read The Warrior's Apprentice before giving up on the series.

Cool...I've been told chronological order would be good, rather than publication order. Then again, with Octavia Butler's Patternist series, the anthology was chronological, but I liked the earlier ones first.