my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

multiple passive revenue streams, er, trickles? dew?

It is apparently "make random sales at sites you haven't checked in ages" month. Which is to say, out of nowhere sales on 3rd party delivery sites

  • RedBubble (which I do at least have a pointer to in my artfire shop, and even if it is just a sticker, am really happy someone out there digs that carnation piece)

  • Alamy (haven't uploaded in ages, but those SPAM Museum pictures just keep on popping up in tiny editorial usages in the UK. That I probably should take the time to send new work to, if, um, I get any made -- I do have huge amounts of Long Beach pictures from this winter I haven't processed yet.)

  • Cafepress (RuPaul for President, since 2008.)

  •  -- apparently I put some designs up in 2009?

Of course, since all these places have minimums before they send you a check, who knows when, if ever, I will actually see proceeds of the sales. Though Redbubble might come through by, say, 2016, and CafePress probably will sometime late this year, since they have less than $25 minumums.

GCU has $150 minimum payout, and in these 5 years I have made less than $2 of sales, at ~20 cents each. That's... possibly an argument for removing my account altogether.
Tags: business

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