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I have just preordered (which I never do) the physical double album that is the culmination & collection of NELL's Gravity series, "Newton's Apple."
I have pre-ordered from Yesasia, so that it counts towards the actual Korean music charts, because I am now that kind of fan*.

Which means that even though the album is released on the 3rd of March, I will probably get it ... in April. *sigh*

Luckily, their label put up their last major concert, all 90 minutes of it, in HD, on youtube, so i can just listen to it over and over again, until my CDs arrive

If you would like a taste of the band in question (this is k-indie, not k-pop, and some of you have heard me gush about them before; they play nicely with Keane, Imagine Dragons, and The Church for me, and get compared to Coldplay a lot) here is one of my favorite of their songs; it's only half in English, but it is English that actually makes sense and is correctly pronounced**. This song has gotten me through some rough spots.

* why this matters is because korean chart position helps the bands get airplay on the korean tv music shows which are very important to promotion, and which are harder for the non-idol groups to access. iTunes doesn't count.  Also, the level of production in terms of packaging and "extras" on most korean physical CDs is often insanely good.

** asking native Korean speakers with no significant training in English to sing "the roof is on fire" is not a nice thing to do. The shower jokes that followed B.A.P. after "Hurricane" were insane.
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