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Disgusted Miryo
my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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brain bleach, please!
I need a nice quote about love for a book I'm doing, so I made the seemingly logical move of looking on pinterest.

(ETA: it's a boudoir album, so I'm hoping for something more grown-up than schmoopy.)

Oh. my. god.

So much patriarchal bullshit ("take care of your wife like a daughter" wtf), insanely dysfunctional bullshit, scary ass obsessive bullshit...

Also, but more rarely, truely horrible typography.

I was going to link but I decided I like you all too much.

I found *one* that I like, but I don't know that it works for my purpose, I don't think it's an accident that it is a quote from a famous novelist instead of, say, a self-help book or relationship book. (The 7th one on this page, and no that is not a pinterest link.)

I thought about starting a WTF board. If you really want barf-worthy things, check out my mom's pinterest boards. (Can DM you her user name, if you want.)