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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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I'm hiring!
Job posting is here: http://www.flexjobs.com/HostedJob.aspx?id=200118
And apparently flexjobs is being stupid about who they let see and apply, so, craigslist: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/sls/4280561296.html

And hey, it's LJ, there is space:

Seeking customer communication and sales assistant
(part-time, telecommuting/home office.)
You will be responding to potential customer inquiries for custom wedding albums, mainly answering questions and offering information, and then following up over time with potentials who do not immediately book.
Client communication is done via e-mail; you will need your own computer and internet connection. Excellent written communication skills are a must. An appreciation for handmade books and/or weddings is helpful, but not required.
This is a no-pressure sales environment, with a focus on finding the right option for the customer, ranging from minimal to luxurious budgets.
You will need to answer e-mail 5 days a week, but can choose which days; time of day can vary.
Initial training will be in person in the Seattle/Shoreline area; and there will be occasional in-person meetings (monthly or less) once training is completed. Training is paid.
2 hours/week is guaranteed, but I expect that to almost always be higher and to increase over the year. The work is somewhat seasonal, with the first half of the year being much slower. I do not expect there to be more than 12 hours/week.
Must be Washington State resident. Work-from-home parents welcome.
Send resume and cover letter explaining your interest to jane @ alacartealbums.com
Company website is alacartealbums.com
$11/hr to start.

I'm interested. Should I become a Flexjobs member to read the description there, or should I send information and questions straight to you?

Man, if i realized Flexjobs was that manner of stupid, I never would have signed up. Post has been updated with the full listing, and for your clicking convenience, the craiglist version: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/sls/4280561296.html

They aren't being stupid. Getting $14.95 out of job searchers is the core of their business.

Thanks for posting the description, I'll have an email to you shortly.

They made it very non-obvious-to-the-employer. I mean, they charge for all but the most basic job listing, so I assumed their revenue model was employer-based like monster and craigslist.

That's wonderful! Best of luck!

I'm gonna forward this to my friend J. I know he's looking now.

he (JL) will be sending his resume to you. He is a good guy.. highly recommended. :)

Actually, I did my final interviews today, but thank you for passing it on!

oh, wow that was fast! well if you have any leads for him.... .appreciate it.