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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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rainbow sparkle

Later today I will embark on a search for indigo sparkle polish. Which considering how many blue and purple polishes I already have, I was shocked was not already in my collection.


50 bottles of nail polish, which is impressive considering how rarely I do my nails.


The Cascade craft holiday fair is this Saturday, so I have been alternating designing a zillion albums for the Christmas rush with adding massively to my cheap and sparkly jewelry inventory.


(I r former pro photographer. Taking crappy product photos with cell phone. My mad skillz have atrophied.)


Way cool!

Oooh, cool. Tutorial please :-)

It is both easy and addictive; I get all my supplies from sun and moon craft kits except the nail polish.

This is a pretty good tutorial:

Basically, nail polish is an enamel paint, most of which happens to be some level of translucent, and you are reverse painting onto the glass.

Almost all of my polishes are these really really thin glitters for the kids (cheap! like Sinful Colors and Wet and Wild), and when I saw one of these come along on pinterest I realized I could paint space scenes like this: http://instagram.com/p/XJdsSKECkz/

I tend to be doing 5-11 layers of different polishes (including clear as a spacer layer) to get a lot of depth even in the ones that aren't "paintings", though I've been doing some simpler ones for craft show last minute cramming purposes.