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That didn't go well.
I am exhausted, and volunteering at the school this morning for the first time this year, so i thought i would put a little bit of a face on.

It turns out that how you fake undereye concealer is, um, probably the opposite of whatever i did. Which i just noticed as I sit here in the car outside the school guzzling tea and getting ready to go in.

I think it is time to revisit my makeup shills and put function labels in all the tubes. In big letters.

(Edited because autocorrect does not love me. Sitting in a vat outside the school would be an entirely different kind of day.)

It's hard to win that one. Once at school a 3rd grade girl asked me why I had put purple eyeshadow UNDER my eyes...and I had to explain I wasn't wearing any!


That was my reaction too, Eli. I knew I looked like death warmed over that day.

I would say that sitting in a vat outside the school would be a bad day for entirely different reasons.

It could be, like, a vat of lemon curd or something, it's not necessarily bad. Like the makeup shills, those could actually be handy. :)


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