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mmmm, bacon
Dan was reading to me at bedtime tonight from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Doctor Robotnik said something to Sonic about "saving your bacon."

Dan then added "I'd eat his bacon!"

at which point I collapsed into giggles.

Also, have a picture of the current state of our goofs:


1. They are seriously darling. And beautiful.

2. How the heck are they getting that big? Olivia in particular looks like she's made that jump from "little kid" to "kid".

Give them a hug from me, please. We'll have to come out to Seattle again before they're teenagers!

Olivia is not waiting the 4 months until her 10th birthday to start developing her tween skills, though luckily she is not quite as precocious at it as some of her classmates. :)

Oh gosh, how can she be hitting double digits?

I am not quite clear on that, myself. Diapers doesn't seem that long ago.

Yeah, I read the word "tween" and just said "gah!"

But it's like I told my students at the end of every school year..."I'll really miss you next year, but kids, if you don't change, you don't grow, and that's what you're here to do. I'm really proud of all of you!"

After saying that, I usually had a mysteriously vicious "allergy attack" and needed a tissue to deal with my watering eyes. I believe the kids new darn well it was no allergy attack, but they allowed me my dignity (usually).

in that last pic, I think it's the first time I've seen a strong sibling resemblance between them. huh!

It's the chin, I think. But yeah, they pretty much got as different a gene complement out of the same parents as possible.

You feed them, don't you? That's how they got so big. I have a firm policy of not feeding my progeny. I think they're sneaking food, though, because my 6yo is suddenly nearly to my chin.


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