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dumbo octopus
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hot showers and booze
that was the refrain I heard as parents were trickling out of camp today. Admittedly, the camp showers were hot, if not particularly private, but yeah, decompression starts now

It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be; hopefully I will find the umph to make a post, but since I have to hit the ground running with three other major things, I'm not sure if that will happen..

ETA: I had not realized, with all the pre-empting freaking out I was doing in conversations and on twitter, that the post where I mentioned I would be spending all of this week as a parent-volunteer at the school camp (100+ kids, grades K-5) didn't happen. So, yeah. the super-introvert, with kids and strangers 24/7 for a week in 20-bed barrack halls, without net access (except mostly write-only twitter). No alcohol or recreational electronics allowed.

I'll backtrack and see wtf you're talking about.

I love your icon a lot.

Hah. I see you're GONNA make a post, not that you HAVE.

I'm a bit mystified, but sympathetic. I'm assuming you went to some event with the kids, bless your soul.

I missed many things in the course of the school year this year, but field trip day was emphatically not one of them.

Er, yeah, apparently I forgot to post that -- a week of spring camp with greades k-5.